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Basic Listing

$90Per Year

Ideal for students, instructors working as employees or teaching in non-studio venues.

  • Includes:
  • Name, street address & map

    Your business name or your name

  • Your own URL

    Don’t have a website or email address? You do now!

  • Contact enquiry form

    Receive valuable enquiries direct from Pilates Source, direct to your email inbox


Standard Listing

$120Per Year

Ideal for freelance/contract instructors, small/medium-sized studios and related businesses and suppliers to the Industry.

  • All of the features of basic listing plus:
  • Full contact details

    Your business name or your name

  • Logo/photo and profile

    Your studio logo or, if you’re an instructor, a photo of you

  • Three photos

    Let prospective clients see how good you and your studio look!

  • Links to related listings

    Enhance your profile by showing who you work with



10,000 free ad banner impressions on our site

$240Per Year

Ideal for Business owners with multiple locations, flagship studios, studios in a competitive market, and training studios.

  • All of the standard listing features plus:
  • $100 worth of banner advertising

    10,000 free ad banner impressions on our site

  • Up to three free staff listings

    Let visitors learn about the people behind your business and reward them by raising their profile in the Pilates community

  • Your studio/product featured in Pilates Scene

    You or your business featured in Australia’s only Pilates news and community site

  • A permanent home on the home page

    We feature our premium studios on our homepage for maximum exposure!

  • Inclusion in our training directory

    Do you offer training to the Pilates industry? Help new students find you!